On Friday, 26 June 2015, MEMR Delegation comprising MEMR Nature Conservators, eminent personalities of Ludhiana namely, Mr. Rajneesh Dhiman, Mr. Hari Kamal, Mr. Surjeet Singh Randhawa, Mr, Gaurav Maudgil, Mr. Pal Singh, under the leadership of Project coordinator Mr. Tarsem Singh, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji met Mr. Shakti Sharma, Chairman Industries & Commerce & Mr. Amit Dakha, M.D. Industries & Commerce and submitted a memorandum of recommendations to ensure pro-active engagement of Ludhiana industries in Nature Conservation.

MEMR reaches an important landmark in steering Ludhiana towards being Environmentally Responsible Society

World over, industries are major stakeholders, who stand responsible for the ever- rising plunder and pollution of natural resources. No environmental protection strategy will reach its effectiveness unless the industries pro- actively shoulder their environmental responsibility.

MEMR reaches an important landmark in steering Ludhiana towards being Environmentally Responsible Society

Considering the fact that Ludhiana is an industrial hub, steering Ludhiana towards being an environmentally responsible city will not reach its end until the pro-active engagement of industries is achieved in shouldering environmental responsibility.

DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My Responsibility Campaign firm on designing ways and mechanism for realizing this much needed engagement, based on its observations of past 11 months and interaction with industrialists laid down the said set of recommendations. Primary among these recommendations stood the necessary mechanism for making the industries in the focal point area liable for development and maintenance of the parks and open spaces used as dumping grounds into green areas.

The recommendation was well received by the concerned authorities and Chairman and M.D. of Department of Industries and Commerce assured implementation of the said recommendation. DJJS MEMR team furthered its full support to act like a bridge in implementation of the said recommendation. In addition for reduction of the industrial pressure on environment, it is recommended that regular symposiums and seminars, educating and demonstrating latest environment efficient technologies for both small and large scale industries, be organized for both large scale and small scale industrialists.

Mr. Tarsem Singh, disciple His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji sharing his observations over the past 11 months of MEMR campaign said, “We have been fortunate that, we have come across various industrialists who have shown over- whelming inquisitiveness to understand their environmental responsibility and actively work towards fulfilling that”.

My Earth My Responsibility (MEMR) campaign undertaken by DJJS Nature Conservation Program Sanrakshan is an effort to steer Ludhiana city towards being an environmentally responsible society. A band of over 250 Nature conservators are selflessly working across the city educating and motivating men, woman and children to shoulder their environmental responsibility.

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