Lack of education makes a person ignorant of his/her fundamental rights, opportunities and resources; and pushes him/her towards complexes and subordination. The situation is worse in unprivileged areas. The low female literacy rate evidenced by Census 2011 instigated DJJS Ludhiana to continue its efforts in the direction of women emancipation.

Mobilizing Women to seek their Right To Education (RTE) | DJJS Ludhiana

After the successful conduct of its "Mass Sensitization and Awareness Campaign against Sex Selective Abortions" for saving girl child in Ludhiana, DJJS is now speeding on female adult literacy in the city. With the aim to begin a functional literacy batch of approximately 25 to 30 women and make them educationally empowered, the first community mobilisation activity was organized in Ashok Nagar Area, Ludhiana on 13th September 2014.

Mobilizing Women to seek their Right To Education (RTE) | DJJS Ludhiana

The aim of “Functional Literacy” program is to make women independent in terms of access to regular reading of newspapers, banks, local transport and most crucially awareness of their rights. The enthusiasm and keenness in participants was no less. Age is not holding them back from wielding a pen and take up learning courses to hone their mental faculties and keep themselves intellectually stimulated.

A group of women from local area was called for an assessment class to chalk out the appropriate activity plan for the batch. The major challenge encountered during this session was - their minds being ruled by age-old prejudices and accumulated experiences. They frequently apply their knowledge in a practical fashion to learn. Hence, it is required to break those misconceptions and disseminate knowledge supported by strong reasoning.

Gender Equality Program – Santulan of DJJS under the stewardship of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, head & founder of the organization is working nationwide for the establishment of gender equality and holistic empowerment of women. Beginning the march from functional literacy, the organization aims to building capacities of these underprivileged women and finally training for livelihood generation.

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