Monthly Bytes| East Delhi: Drug Abuse Preventive Workshops for Young Participants

Because in the absence of a detailed study or a structured survey which should have been carried out for knowing the no. of drug abusers or addicts in a country as big & diverse as India, it is very difficult to chalk out the exact reasons that so much so trigger the incidents of drug abuse amongst the masses. The problem of getting intoxicated by such external addictive substance is observed to be widely prevalent in the society and youngsters between the age of 14 – 30 suffer the most due to their naive understanding of the subject and innate curiosity in general.

Alongside closely working upon sufferers / addicts/ users of intoxicating substances, The Drug Abuse Eradication Program (Bodh) affiliated to Divya jyoti jagrati sansthan under the founding mentorship of His Holiness Ashutosh maharaj ji also works for the prevention of those who may have just begun consuming out of curiosity or distress or those who so far are not trapped in the alluring dragon of drugs.

Therefore, in order to encourage them and make them efficient enough in dealing with the various queries regarding life, work life balance, combating of stress, management of peer pressure, grooming of the personality, identification and getting away from different forms of addiction, the Drug Abuse Eradication Program conducts various workshops on regular basis to provide them the monthly nuggets of inspiration and motivation in all the centers of the organisation worldwide. The organization has designed and developed its own patent model for the conduction of the workshops and the same is being followed or replicated in other parts of delhi and in other states. The concept is being proved as a hit amongst the youth in terms of relatable content and the way of presentation.

About Bodh

Bodh is the Drug Abuse Eradication Program which aims at imparting the preventive education and enabling the abusers to overcome their mental obsession.

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