A Puran Satguru like Lord Shiva only can bestow the Divine Knowledge to mankind and can blessed them with the traits of never ending intensity in their strength. The YugPurush of the time has created a huge ship in the form of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). Those who will stay on this ship will be saved by all the possible darkness and destruction of this Dark Age. And, only they will saved on their spiritual journey. This is the highest, toughest and only way to attain God in true sense. It is said that road of truth isn’t full of flowers. One has to experience the frequent thorns. ‘To be alert at all times so that not even a single negativity can trap’- is easier said than done.

Monthly Congregation Showers Divine Blessings at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

In order to unite all disciples and stimulate their inner strengths needed to conquer darkness, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) - a non- government, non-profit and a leading spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a one day program of monthly congregation at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on May 8th, 2016.

Monthly Congregation Showers Divine Blessings at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab

The program commenced with the purpose of channelizing the great energy levels in the congregators’ hearts and minds. It started with holy divine prayer at the lotus feet of revered Gurudev. Series of devotional bhajans aligned with melodious rhythm engrossed the audience and compelled each one to understand the inspirational lyrics tuned with devotion.

The spiritual discourser of the program explained that “Dawn doesn’t come twice to awaken man”. One has to first understand the value of time and grab the golden chance offered by God himself. H.H. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji said while inspiring disciples:

“Kutil chaal kalikaal chal raha
Yug ki gati pehchaano
Kroor dhwans ka saaj saj raha
Chet utho deewano ||”

Each moment should be passed by God’s remembrance, each breath should be inhaled by reciting God’s name, otherwise, as we know - the time and tides wait for none.

The program served the supreme purpose of igniting spark of attention among all disciples so that all devotees can be saved from the darkness and destruction and mission of world peace will be established very soon.

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