Thousands of flowers together make a garland; thousands of drops join to form an ocean! Similarly, thousands of devotees contribute towards a mission. It’s a leader who leads the mission by selecting some of the members for his special task.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation - A Connection with God

Here in DJJS, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, founder, head and the leader of his mission of establishing global peace, chose large number of preachers and millions of disciples as members of the mission. These preachers selflessly serve the society by delivering the message from the God.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation - A Connection with God

For taking the mission to great heights and to keep binding us in one thread, the different branches across the country made endeavours and organized a regional level programme on February 8, 2015. The programme was held in Jodhpur, Latur, Saraipalli and Gorakhpur.

As the programme started, devotional and melodious bhajans were sung. All bhajans filled the environment with divine tunes and gave message of true bhakti, explaining how life-less a life could be without the life-giver. In this world which is full of cumbersome activities, a monthly connection with god is essential.

Hundreds of devotees witnessed the divinity of the programme and enlightened their life by the divine and inspiring words of preachers. Words which encourage one to contribute more, sacrifice more, and serve more in order to make their life meaningful. Words that reach the soul of disciples, and bring a divine change from within. At the end, bhandara was served to all devotees, which marked the integrity and responsibility to serve the society.

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