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To re-energize the devotees on the path of discipleship, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the aegis of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized an event of Monthly Spiritual Congregation on 3rd Oct 2021 at Tarn Taran, Punjab. The Soul-stirring event acted as a much-needed dose of upliftment from the negativism post Covid-19 crisis. 

Monthly Spiritual Congregation acted as Spiritual Rejuvenator for Devotees of Tarn Taran, Punjab

The congregation stressed the need for physical, mental, and spiritual fitness amidst the highly volatile times. When the society at large experiences darkness all around, the onus shifts on Brahm Gyani disciples of the Perfect Master to spread light through their ardent devotion and surrender. A slew of bhajans and discourses motivated devotees to fight the inner war through incessant meditation and contribute towards the divine mission of Global Peace. 

Monthly Spiritual Congregation acted as Spiritual Rejuvenator for Devotees of Tarn Taran, Punjab

The preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, through a series of discourses, unraveled the scintillating examples of yesteryear disciples. The minds of these disciples were filled with the thoughts of their Guru, heart, and soul surrendered for His mission, took each trail or suffering head-on, spreading their majestic bliss all around. Devotees like Dhruv, Prahalad, or Meera bai with their unabated devotion experienced the paramount love of their Guru, a bond that exceeds beyond this universe and all its accomplishments. Devotional Bhajans sung with utmost reverence filled the environment with humongous positive energy.

Preachers explained, when the influence of malicious tendencies is on the rise both inside and outside, then only the sword of Holy Name and light of inner consciousness can slacken negative emotions. The divine technique of meditation accompanied by the grace of the guru has the power to bring about cosmic changes, not limited to the individual. The preachers urged everyone to steadfast their efforts of meditation, as Satguru calls upon each of his disciples to contribute each breath for lifting mankind from the abyss and bring back harmony for the welfare of all. It's time that we realize and recall our ultimate goal to free the soul from physical and mental engagements.

The beatific effect of the program evoked a sense of sincerity among devotees towards the mission of their Guru and filled their spirits with divinity. The congregation concluded with the group meditation, prayers for the world, and a community feast.

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