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Though success in the outer world means accruing and conquering over materials, success in inner realm is all about the ability to relinquish materials and acquiring virtues. The world speaks of success in terms of achievements over riches. However, worldly riches are limited and low, the real richness adorns a person when he or she is at peace with oneself and by which one can exude peace to other beings as well. To make people connect with inner self, DJJS organized monthly spiritual congregation program on 10th June’2018 in Chakan, Maharashtra. Swami Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (founder and head of DJJS) spoke on the topic of inner engineering and success.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Chakan Urged Self-Introspection and Meditation to Attain Peace

He explained with an incident from the life of Mahatma Buddha. Once, Lord Buddha was stationed in the outskirts of a large kingdom. Most of his time was spent immersed in deep meditation. The effect of his higher level of consciousness was wide spread and after a while, the wild animals inhabiting in the jungles came closer to that place and sat outside Buddha’s ashram in complete tranquility. The other meek animals like deer and rabbits could come out of their places of hiding and sat near Buddha’s ashram without any fear. Such was the inner strength of the great soul!

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Chakan Urged Self-Introspection and Meditation to Attain Peace

Meditation not only helps an individual to give up its vices like hatred and jealousy but also builds the strength to overcome one’s shortcomings and rise higher. The one, who meditates after being initiated into Brahm Gyan, gradually develops a rationale for worldly things as well. This helps a person in gaining a balance between world and spiritual success. Sadhvi Ji quoted the example of the great devotee Hanuman. His boundless devotion for his master Lord Ram made all his endeavors a success. Since time immemorial, individuals who held on to the strength of meditation made the impossible, possible.

There were numerous devotional songs sung by devotees in this congregation. People had gathered from all nearby places and there was a gust of enthusiasm seen in them. All were singing to the tunes of devotions and immersed in the aura of spirituality. The presence of all the people was an epitome of love for selfless service as devotion cannot be completed without that. All the volunteers present in the event were doing selfless service for their Guru, the perfect master Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. All of them were steadfast on the path of devotion and took out precious time out of their personal lives and gathered to participate in this congregation.

There were a few stalls outside the auditorium which had products made of various projects being run under the umbrella of DJJS. Passersby who visited these stalls were impressed with the dedicated efforts of the volunteers who made these projects run. These projects are built to make the society self-sufficient and give them hope to spend their lives with confidence and fearlessness. The volunteers are all imparted with divine knowledge and as they meditate upon divine light within themselves, they become more participative and forthcoming not only in field of sewa but also towards the uplift of society.

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