Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram Continues To Be A Charging Event for Electric Vehicle, the Aatma


Although everyone in the community is in the joyous mood the festive season brings, a true devotee finds himself at the lotus feet of His Satguru, being recharged via Satsang, Sewa, Sadhna and Sumiran. While others may consider this a time of rejoice a disciple uses it as an excuse to tighten the bonds of devotion his Guru has already threaded. The monthly Satsang acts as a charging station where the worldly trapped disciples can get the essential fuel necessary to break away from bondages.

 A disciple’s life is much different than that of the normal life in the society. Disciples need not a time or a reason to celebrate; their life itself is a celebration because Satguru is their operator.

Every day is a festival, every hour is a blessing,
every minute is blissful, and every moment is joyful

To a devotee, the festivals are bland without the actual perception of the Lord Himself. Outer rituals are tasteless without the inner connectivity. Only the inner union gives meaning to the outer practices.

The monthly congregation held at Divya Dham Ashram once again acted as a joyful charge necessary for the devotees on November 1st. Under the holy guidance of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the sermon was delivered by disciple who caught the audiences’ hearts. It also gave the jolt needed to walk strongly, work effectively, as well as to incessantly drift on the path showed by the Satguru of this time. During the satsang, one can taste the nourishing nectar flowing directly to the aatma. The listeners further harmonized themselves in the magnificent tunes the musical renditions. As someone beautifully said, “Music- it says all the things that words alone can never say”. Hence the saints have accentuated the value of devotional music.

The beauty of the event emanated through the stunning stage set, embedded with the picturesque portraits of Maharaj Ji.

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