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To strengthen the devotional feelings amongst the disciples, DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) organized Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab on 13th November, 2022. It is rightly said that the company of saints adds to wisdom to an individual. Therefore, places like satsang are referred to as spiritual Gym for devotees. Taking out time from the busy worldly life, thousands of devotees attended the event for their spiritual growth. Series of devotional songs created such a holy ambiance that directed everybody’s mind and soul towards the Supreme consciousness.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab Motivated Disciples for Ardent Meditation

The Preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS) unveiled the mantra for a balanced worldly-spiritual life. They stated that we first need to prioritize the things in life. The problem with today’s human is that they are leading a life without proper plans. Therefore, the tasks they want to accomplish generally remain unachieved. To start a fruitful day, one must try to wake up in Brahm Muhrat (early in the morning around 3:30) and practice meditation as it channelize him/her with positivity and determination. A Spiritual seeker must also understand that he needs to exercise regularly, eat properly and take care of his sleep routines. It should be neither too less, nor too much… as mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. Only a fit body can be a medium for worldly and spiritual progress.

The secret mantra to live a blissful life is very well mentioned in the scriptures. It is said that only a Brahm Gyani Devotee can live his life to the fullest. Only the one who has been blessed with the divine technique of Brahm Gyan by the grace of a Perfect Spiritual Mentor and who has seen God within himself can break all the shackles of life, thereby experiencing everlasting joy, positivity and happiness. It is not that the devotees do not face hard times in their lives, but meditation keeps them positive and helps them to get through those tough times too.  And this is what the entire world is yearning for! In the hard times, where a worldly person weeps and falls in the pit of depression, a devotee runs for the refuge of his spiritual mentor and relieves himself in meditation

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab Motivated Disciples for Ardent Meditation

Hence, one must surrender unto his Guru completely and leave the rest to Him. Satguru speaks and guides very clearly in the silence of his heart. Need is to be connected to thyself and listen to that inner voice. The Preachers highlighted that all disciples in DJJS, who have been blessed with Brahm Gyan by the grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji are fortunate enough. Thus, we must understand how blessed we all are and try to meditate properly, as much as possible.

By the grace of Gurudev, the program was successfully concluded with the group meditation. The congregation got rejuvenated by the devotional vibes and vowed to be steadfast on the path of spirituality with full vigor and enthusiasm.

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