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DJJS conducted its Monthly Spiritual Congregation on the pious land of Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab, on 13th March, 2022. Devotees gathered in large numbers to be benefitted from the words of wisdom. Series of devotional songs created an ambiance of divinity and instilled the supreme energy in all.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab: Pearls of Devotion Enriched the Spiritual Zeal

The preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder & Head, DJJS) quoted several devotional incidences from the lives of devotees, which inspired one and all to tread the path of spirituality with full zeal and enthusiasm. Throwing light on the present state of affairs, they explained that in this fast paced life, people seem to be extremely busy! They are so much indulged in their respective lives that they often don’t realise how time is slipping from their hand, slowly and steadily. Amidst the cacophony of this fast-running life, they generally fail to listen to the voice of their soul, which, deep inside, is trying to tell them to take a break, stop for a while, disconnect from this illusionary world, connect with the Self, and try to understand where you are heading in life!

Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab: Pearls of Devotion Enriched the Spiritual Zeal

We fail to remember that slowly we all are moving to the final destination of life - Death. The final station of this journey called “life”, where we cannot take even a single coin from this world! Everything, all relations will be left behind! The only thing that will accompany us will be our spiritual wealth.

We must understand that the fundamental purpose of human life is to do bhakti by connecting with God residing within us. Here, it is not intended to convey that one shall leave his/her near and dear ones, worldly duties, and move to Himalayas for spiritual practices and growth. Rather, the point to be understood is that when a person is connected to God, he/she is able to fulfill all the worldly duties in a much better and rational way.

As a matter of fact, when we take care of our health at the soul-level, then, the physical and psychological dimensions are also nurtured. We need to pull our attention from all transient things in life and firmly fix it on the Eternal Lord, by practising the eternal technique of meditation, Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge), bestowed upon us by the Perfect Spiritual Mentor.

Guru serves as a guide in the dark forest of life. If you follow him, he will lead you out of the darkness. If you try to find the way alone, you may needlessly lose yourself in the forest for many births.

The congregation concluded with the group meditation and divine prayer for happy, healthy and spiritually enlightened life for all.

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