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The threat of a nuclear war is always on the horizon. Considering the growing tension on world issues, it seems that the world is moving farther away from peace. In this grave situation, only spirituality can save mankind from an unfortunate calamity and can establish “World Peace”. The enlightened ones, who have been bestowed with the divine knowledge, are perfectly suited to play a pivotal role in bringing a spiritual revolution in the world. With the powerful tool of Brahm Gyan being put into application, hopes have certainly revived to see a world prefixed with adjectives like, happy, blissful, and peaceful, where there is no place for  turmoil, and conflicts. Indeed, the world will soon witness a remarkable phase-shift, when dynamics of epoch change will take charge and peace will reign.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Dedicated to the Issue of “World Peace” at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

To deliver the message of “World Peace” from Inner awakening and to strengthen the spiritual strength of the disciples, DJJS organised “Monthly Spiritual Congregation” at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi on 3rd November, 2019. The stage was set gracefully, the venue was filled with devotees and the ambiance was divine for this event. Disciples in large number attended the event to get motivation for their spiritual development. The devotional songs sowed the seeds of sacred devotion in hearts for disciples.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Dedicated to the Issue of “World Peace” at Divya Dham Ashram, New Delhi

The orators beautifully explained that devotion is the firm faith and complete dedication. It comes from God-knowledge which can be bestowed upon a seeker only by a knower of God.  Anti-virus software in a computer silently does its work to cleanse the computer system from within and disallows unwarranted things from entering into the computer. Likewise devotion cleanses the mind and soul from within and checks bad things/ impurities from entering. However, if we are not concerned and are not willing to sacrifice our comforts and satisfactions, then it may not come to us. Bad things stick easily in our mind without any effort. To learn goodness by observation and to practice goodness needs great labor. We need to develop the spiritual strength within ourselves which comes through our faith, keeping the commandments and our covenants, and living a virtuous life. We cannot become a stained mirror that cannot reflect the light. Let us all strive to become clean and pure that we can be a light in someone’s life thereby spread and establish “World Peace”.

Flowers blossom as soon as the sun rises. The sun does not tell the flowers to blossom. Similarly, by the mere presence of the Guru, the disciple’s progress takes place. The Guru is within and without. Surrender at the lotus feet of Guru completely and then leave the rest to Him. In addition, the disciple too should make incessant efforts to take full advantage of this grace.

Only through faith and patience will we receive the opportunity to learn, to gain understanding, and to attain peace in life.

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