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To inspire the devotees for moving ahead on the ladder of spiritual progress, Monthly Spiritual Congregation was organised at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi on 6th Nov, 2022. Under the prudent and divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, spiritual inspirations and insightful messages were delivered by the preacher disciples. The devotees learnt how amidst difficult times, incessant showers of Guru’s mercy and grace instills in them enthusiasm and makes them strong to fight with the challenges. The reverberating sound of pious Ved Mantras filled the surroundings with peaceful vibes. Prayer in the lotus feet of Divya Guru and melodious bhajans greatly nourished the spirits of devotees.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Highlighted the Significance of Persistence on the Path of Devotion at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

To strengthen one’s bond of discipleship, it is imperative to do self-introspection from time to time. A disciple when surrenders unconditionally on this path, experiences unfathomable grace of the Divine Guru.  Such disciples know that only Guru’s love can make them control their wandering, restless mind. Subtle yet powerful mind has the tendency to flow towards the outer world, driving us away from the path of devotion. However, if the focus is fixed on the revered Guru and his commandments, then Guru takes the complete responsibility of nurturing those disciples on every step, to make them attain the supreme goal of their life.

Preachers explained to the devotees that since their goal is not ordinary, therefore, their pace on this path cannot be ordinary. Disciples need to have unceasing enthusiasm and energy as that of an athlete and determination and persistence like that of a warrior. A disciple on this path, like a warrior, should never step back from the battlefield, even in the face of apparent defeat or injury, till his last breath. Undying enthusiasm on the path of meditation, selfless service and unwavering devotion act as the tools for a devotee, which help him to go beyond the ordinary realms. These help in deterring any obstacle one may face on this path.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Highlighted the Significance of Persistence on the Path of Devotion at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi

Preachers also cautioned that while pursuing this path, sometimes a subtle ego clutches a devotee. This ego takes one from the heights of spirituality to the abyss in no time.

Therefore, what is required today is our surrender unto the feet of the Spiritual Master and sincere practice of the instructions of the Master, so that we become the true companions in His mission, carrying the message of truth to each and every individual. The program concluded with group meditation session and prayers for the welfare and peace of all in the world.

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