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Every festival has two aspects- ‘Laukik’ and ‘Alaukik’. If we only understand first aspect, we will remain stuck in outer practices but if we realize ‘Alaukik Tatv’ behind Indian festivals then only we will be most benefitted. Monthly Spiritual Congregation held on 4th November 2018 in District Pune, Maharashtra unearthed sublime aspects of Diwali. Once again devotees gathered to receive spiritual thoughts that will motivate them to move ahead on path of truth and self-realization. Preachers in their discourse explained that if one wants to be fully benefited by festivals, he/she should know the real meaning and cause behind it.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Invigorated Masses to Internalize Diwali in Maharashtra

Diwali is a symbolism of self-awakening as homecoming of Shri Ram in ‘Ayodhya’ represents arrival of Satguru in our life or Chetna in our mind. When, with the grace of perfect master, one gets initiated in supreme science of Brahm Gyan, he is able to listen to Brahm Naad i.e. sound of god, experiences light and visions followed by holy nectar. On Diwali, people decorate their houses with lights, fire crackers, eat sweets and visit temple but when a person is initiated in divine knowledge, he experiences all the Diwali elements inside of him in state of Dhyan (meditation). Guru enlightens inner world of disciple and eradicates all his vices. He no longer has to wait once a year to celebrate Diwali but can do it all year long.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Invigorated Masses to Internalize Diwali in Maharashtra

Returning of Shri Ram in Ayodhya marked the beginning of Ram Rajya. Ayodhya literally means where there is no war, means there is coordination and peace. When our Chetna expands through dhyan, our thoughts and action coordinates and we are more peaceful. Ram Rajya is where each soul is connected to supreme and all negative traits are absent. This is only possible through meditation, primordial vibrations activate the frontal lobe of brain that not only produces dopamine which is responsible for happiness but also generates enthusiasm and excitement. Meditation activates passive parts of brain which makes meditator calm, positive and enlighten. Speaker then questioned why even after practice we are not able to fully rise from our petty issues and narrow thoughts. Speaker said that answers lies in our efforts, because meditator doesn’t give hundred percent and keeps his doubts. We still try to find happiness outside and don’t establish perfect connection with Guru that is why we are not able to taste sweet fruits of bhakti. People then collectively took resolution on Diwali to first establish Ram Rajya inside by practicing dhyan continuously so as to establish Ram Rajya outside. Preachers’ motivated devotees to internalize Diwali as well which will provide them 100% benefit. Spiritual discourses were followed by a grand feast where devotees sat together for a meal and selfless volunteers provided their services.

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