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To bring about the fresh spring of enthusiasm and motivate devotees to all new levels of discipleship, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organized an event of Monthly Spiritual Congregation at Divya Dham Ashram, Delhi on 1st March, 2020. Such Programs act as a life support for devotees on the path of spirituality, for them to realize the profoundness of Spiritual Revolution that is undergoing at the realms of Perfect Master of this epoch His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, whose mission is to usher into the new era by bringing the World Peace. Series of Devotional bhajans sung with the heart of reverence and surrender created the divine vibes that engulfed everyone present there and channelized immense positive energy. Learned preachers also engaged devotees with motivational discourse sharing invaluable guidance of His Holiness.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Invoked Glory of Holy Name to Control Mind at Divya Dham Ashram

Our mind is like an ocean with unattainable and inexhaustible waves of thoughts that keep springing up.  It is the gateway that could lead one to perennial joy and heavens, while it is also the reason of all the discord, violence and atrocities on earth. The seeds of negativity can be easily be ingrained due to contact with external world which is perceived through senses, but whether cultivated or neglected is the choice of our free will. On the other hand, when the Perfect Master ingrains the seed to Brahm Gyan which is the source of eternal positivity, an aspirant then nurtures it by remaining connected to the holy name with every breath. The tendency of mind to control is very strong when trapped by senses but meditating on the glorious effulgence of Self allows the disciple to put one foot on the mind, and other one to reach the abode of Beloved Lord.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Invoked Glory of Holy Name to Control Mind at Divya Dham Ashram

Preachers explained human beings in general tend to err and falter repeatedly under the influence of vicious tendencies and demonic proclivities but for a spiritual aspirant with sword of holy name and light of inner conscience, his/her thoughts and mental proclivities begin to fall in the ambit of awakened consciousness, thus becoming deluged with positivity and wisdom. “Sumiran” i.e. being connected with holy name with each breath is the only way to quiet the voices of negative emotions of mind. All our actions and energies should be oriented towards remembrance of Holy name and submerge the mind into that primordial vibration. Preachers cited various examples from the history of ardent devotees and their journey of unflinching sumiran and meditation. Devotee Hanuman was an apt example. It is said that Hanuman who was bestowed with Divine Knowledge by Lord Rama faced separation from Lord for many years and during that time he only meditated and remain so submerged in holy name that he used to see countenance of Lord everywhere in nature. Also, when he joined army of Lord Rama, he spoke only in matters that were related to Lord Rama or his service since he always remained connected to holy name from within. Indeed, a true celebration of the Perfect Master’s advent on this earth is implementing his teachings in our life.

Wise are those who comprehend the message of the enlightened ones and get associated with their army as their comrades. Reason being, their souls become supremely fortunate to cherish the nectar-like bliss of their divine company. The congregation beautifully enriched every soul present and concluded with the group meditation and prayers for spiritually uplifted world.

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