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Just as a car needs refueling and body needs food, the mind and soul also need replenishment on a constant basis, in order to maintain a balance of inner-self with the outside. Monthly spiritual congregations under divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji are designed in a way to fine tune the disciples on the path of spirituality and bring real reformation from within in each individual. They are the platform for devotees to reengage themselves in divine thoughts and actions and receive the direct guidance from Guru.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Satiated Hearts with Love of Divine Guru at Nurmahal, Punjab

Yet another such session was organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on 20th January, 2019. Program commenced with heart filled humble prayers into the lotus feet of Revered Master. A series of devotional bhajans heightened the divinity in ambience and engrossed everyone present there. Numerous devotees poured in from various parts of country to be part of the congregation. The profound articulations by the preachers in the form spiritual discourses awakened disciples to steadfast on path of Sadhna (meditation) and Seva (service).

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Satiated Hearts with Love of Divine Guru at Nurmahal, Punjab

Preachers stressed upon Sadhna as the only process of evolution of a disciple. They explained Sadhna as blessing of the Master for the welfare of the disciple only. Through contemplation and meditation, one can realize more and more that there is great compassion in the heart of the master. Despite our infractions and blunders, how compassionate He is towards each and every soul. He does not give them anything less than what they deserve and reciprocates them with much more in lieu of a small gesture of love and affection. He silently listens, wisely guides, never leaves us in between and infuses never ending zeal. The divine experiences of every disciple are validation of the fact that the eye of the benevolent master, the compassionate Guru, always remains on the disciple. The unfathomable love of master nurtures disciple at all times, protecting him against all evils and taking him to the pinnacles of success once he surrenders himself to the commands and service of Guru.

Preachers called upon each and every one to contribute to Master’s mission by becoming the living messenger of Truth and Spirituality, spreading it to every part of world. No awakened soul is ordinary and is store house of immense conscious energy. The Spiritual Knowledge put in practice is the most powerful tool in this universe which alone can revive the world to make it a peaceful and blissful place again. With this event served the purpose of rendering the wake-up call and satiated the motivational thirst of devotees.

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