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We are living in an age of high-tech gadgets, where every nook and corner of the planet can be seen by clicking a single button in smart phone, but we are not being able to see inside ourselves. We are chasing everything – money, happiness, mental peace and seeking salvation in petty worldly thing, whereas our purpose is much bigger and greater in meaning than this. Every day when we read the newspaper or watch some news channels, news fill our hearts with sadness. We are smiling, laughing but are we happy and content from inside? Are we connected with our inner selves? Do we know the purpose of being human?

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Signified Real Essence of Bhakti at SBS Nagar, Punjab

Humans have become a mere money-making machine and money can’t get us or buy us “Peace of Mind”. We are controlled by our own sins and such are those that we live under the threat of forgetting almighty. Without that Supreme Power, we have only prepared the humanity killing machine. In such circumstances Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is putting their conscientious efforts to convey this rich resource of knowledge of the ancient legacy to the masses and infuse in them the inevitable divine endowments.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Signified Real Essence of Bhakti at SBS Nagar, Punjab

Every month, by the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organizes monthly spiritual programmes at various places. These monthly spiritual congregations are eagerly awaited by all as helps them to strive towards spreading the significance of “Bhakti” which is the epitome of spiritual uplift. This time it was in SBS Nagar, Punjab where this event was organized on 22nd September’19. The event was further enriched with chanting of holy hymns, devotional songs and insightful presentations.

In this monthly congregation, preachers enlightened the masses about the real essence of ‘Bhakti’ and created awareness among the people that ‘Global Peace’ can be achieved only when every single human finds inner peace. Inner peace begins only when the minds of people transform, which is possible only when they can connect with the ‘Supreme Divine Force’ within.

True Bhakti is possible only when a human being surrenders himself/herself in the feet of a perfect master and attains the knowledge of “Brahm Gyan”. Only then, one can know the goal and target of his/her life. The melodious bhajans acted as a panacea to divert the minds of masses from materialistic world. It also brings all the devotees together and instils in them a feeling of community, brotherhood and unity. The event recharged everyone to steadfast on this path of spirituality.

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