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Path of devotion brings many challenges along with it. To tackle them, the disciple must follow all the commands of Guru. In order to follow the commands consistently, one needs to be motivated and connected to the Almighty all the time. To gather their monthly motivation, devotees attended the Monthly Spiritual Congregation organized by DJJS on 15 Sep 2019 in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. Every word of the event was highlighting the importance of following Guru’s word.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Urged to Follow Guru’s Commands Ardently in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

DJJS Representative marked the beginning of sermon by reciting shlokas from various spiritual texts and stressed upon the fact that commands of perfect master act as a lifeline for a disciple. The four commands of Guru are Sadhna (Meditation), Sewa (Selfless Service), Satsang (Spiritual Discourse) and Darshan (Divine Presence). Sadhna is very important to move ahead on the path of devotion as it is the right way to connect to master and attain all the pious qualities. Sadhna activates the divinity from within and improves bodily and mental health. It is the effect of Sadhna, that a disciple develops love, devotion and unwavering faith for Guru.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Urged to Follow Guru’s Commands Ardently in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

To stress on the importance of Sewa, orator stated that it is the way to make Master happy, and that is the ultimate aim of one’s life. To be a Sewak, one should do all deeds selflessly. The sermon was filled with examples of Disciples from the past. Qualities of Hanuman Ji were mentioned and how he served Lord Ram his whole life without any expectations was elaborated. Sewa frees one from all the clutches of the materialistic world and open the doors to salvation.

To learn the importance of Sadhna and Sewa, one should regularly attend Satsang. Importance of attending spiritual discourses is unavoidable. It is like knowing the question paper for all the challenges and tests that disciple face on the path of devotion. Listening Satsang regularly creates interest in spirituality and helps generate feelings for Guru and his principles.

Lastly, Facts about the relevance of Guru Darshan was in focus and how it acts as a motivator in one's life. Huge stress was given upon visiting Ashram regularly. It gives one a sense of togetherness and provides a positive environment. ‘Sangham Sharnam Gachchami’ acted as a perfect example to state the importance of moving together. To be a perfect disciple, one has to follow all the commands of Master and pray regularly in the Holy Feet to give strength and wisdom. The sermon was followed by Aarti and Bhandara. The audience was rejuvenated and vowed to follow the steps of Guru with more zeal.

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