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The mesmerizing smile of the Guru takes away disciples' attention from the constant sufferings of the mortal world. To witness the Guru’s physical presence has always been a rare blessing for his every disciple. This is why the remembrance of the beautiful feet of one’s Guru strengthens the Guru-disciple relationship. The memory of Guru and his pious teachings helps the disciple to see the best in the worst situation. It invokes true love for the Guru. The monthly spiritual congregation is the golden grace of the Guru who always remains desirous of his disciples’ absolute spiritual growth. This month’s spiritual congregation at Meerut, Uttar Pradesh on 26th May 2019 again reminded the disciples about their Guru’s affection and care for them. The event urged every disciple to reciprocate the same by being true to the commands of Guru.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Stressed upon Steady Guru-Disciple Relation at Meerut, UP

DJJS Representative Swami Narendranand Ji at the congregation said that all the instructions of one’s Guru act like a protective shield for the disciple if followed wholeheartedly. For instance, regularly devoting time for Guru’s divine audience, meditation, socio-spiritual work, and metaphysical lectures inculcate discipline within the learner. The mind is such an organ of the body that remains susceptible to external distractions constantly. To be thoughtless is a tough task to accomplish, though not entirely impossible. The Guru, to control the mind and tune into the inner source of tranquility, bestows Brahm Gyan upon the disciples.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation Stressed upon Steady Guru-Disciple Relation at Meerut, UP

 It’s for the thorough spiritual development of the seeker that the Guru puts forth certain rules. Disciple’s adherence to the Guru’s commands unleashes the wisdom which a mortal being is always in need of. To have a true Guru by one’s side is an advantage which many would like but a very few actually achieve. It was Arjun’s dedication to Lord Krishna’s teachings that resulted in the victory of Pandavas over the Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharata. Even after the war, Lord Krishna’s instructions never failed to bring safety to the Pandavas from worldly sufferings. Similarly, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has given his disciples the divine science of maintaining a free-flowing connection with the universal consciousness through the ancient Indian spiritual technique of Brahm Gyan (Divine Knowledge). All the commands of Guru are for keeping the purity of this knowledge alive in the soul of his disciples. Thus, in the end, Sadhvi Ji encouraged everyone to walk the one true path to liberation with love for Guru and his every word in one’s heart always. The program concluded with the distribution of prasadam (divine offering).

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