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To sow the seeds of divinity and boost the devotional fervour among devotees, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, under the sanctified guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Founder and Head DJJS), organized a grand monthly spiritual Congregation at Nurmahal, Punjab on 8th May’2022. Vedic chanting, captivating discourses, and enchanting devotional songs; the event drew a large numbers of followers and devotees.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation to Disseminate the Pearls of Wisdom at Nurmahal, Punjab

DJJS representative and preacher disciple of His Holiness exquisitely highlighted the significance of the eternal principle of life. He ardently explained that undergoing a spiritual life under the guidance of a spiritual teacher has always been the focal point of our scriptures. Spiritual awakening helps to attune one’s consciousness with the Supreme, thereby experiencing divine bliss and unshakable inner faith and security in all phases of life.

Monthly Spiritual Congregation to Disseminate the Pearls of Wisdom at Nurmahal, Punjab

Swami Ji explicated that we experience revolutionary positive changes within us through ‘Self Enlightenment’. The liberating power of ‘Brahm Gyan’ breaks the shackles of karma and harmonizes the life forces in the body thereby promoting health and vitality. ‘Brahm Gyan’ based regular practice of meditation brings objectivity and intuitive knowledge of handling the challenges and problems that arise in the daily course. Meditation enhances one’s concentration and overall efficiency too.

Citing excerpts from our scriptures, Swami Ji elucidated that the Supreme God manifests himself in the human garb as Satguru to guide the spiritual aspirant. Satguru is an ocean of bliss, knowledge and mercy. He tears our veil of ignorance and eradicates the demonic traits from our personality. As a corollary, we can say, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a preeminent mentor of the era who has initiated thousands of spiritually-starving souls with the omnipotent technique of Spiritual Awakening.

DJJS representative concluded that a Perfect Master shows the gateway to transcendental Truth- Divine Consciousness. But, it is the follower who himself has to enter through it. Satguru can be the helping force, but the actual task of practical Sadhana has to be undertaken by the devotee himself. Achieving a deeper connectedness with the Lord brings balance to his life; making dilemmas and self-doubts much easier to cope with.

At the end of the program, the congregation, in a meditative position collectively prayed for human welfare and world peace. The attendees found themselves invigorated with a gush of spiritual energy filling their hearts, minds and souls.

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