Monthly Spiritual Program: A March towards Inner Purification of Man and Revamping the society


Once again DJJS created ripples in the city of Uttrakhand by organising Monthly Spiritual program with great zeal and enthusiasm, by one of its branches in Rudrapur, on 5 October 2014.

The idea behind the program was to impart wisdom amongst people to live in peace and harmony, as one big family. Peace and harmony, being the building blocks to World Peace.

The highly insightful discourse sessions highlighted the plight of today’s world. In spite of man making progress in every arena, reaching new milestones in almost all walks of life, there is so much unrest and hostility all around. All this is because man has forgotten to work on his inner-self. In the quest for achieving worldly goals, man has forgotten his real goal and i.e. to realise his true self. Only when every individual realises his true inner self and finds true peace within, can there be Peace globally.

Besides the powerful discourses, another highlight of the evening was devotional music. People were seen mesmerised by the beautiful and soulful rendition of bhajans , sung and composed by DJJS preachers.

The program concluded with Community feeding, which marks, brotherhood, unity and integrity in the society.

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