If you wanted to experience the divine wave of spirituality, If you wanted to feel peace at heart and mind, If you wanted to witness the unflinching faith of the devotees of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, Divya Dham Ashram - a place it was to be and a sight it was to see, this Sunday.

Monthly Spiritual Programme by DJJS (Delhi, India)

The uniqueness about this monthly event was that it contained the richness, the splendor & the greatness of the Indian Culture – where the celebrations to mark the Indian New Year took place. Not only did the dynamic orations act as a reboot to the minds of the attendees but also the melodious bhajans rejuvenated the spirit of devoutness. Humble prayers echoed & testimonies received admiration that persuaded all to take internal vows to solidify their determination.

Monthly Spiritual Programme by DJJS (Delhi, India)

Such events have always served as a guide to the disciples and replenished their spiritual yet motivational yearning. Not to forget the vibrational divine aura that many in that vicinity experience.

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