Eyes replete with dreams of tomorrow, muscles of iron determined to counter the onslaught of obstructions, hearts saturated with infinite zeal, resolutions to conquer unscaled heights, a colourful web of imaginations under the feet, boundless will-power capable of transfiguring the world.....

Exclusive Monthly Programme (Delhi) - October 2014

These are not flowery exaggerations, but the very adjectives of the period of human life. To answer this call of time, Bhandara Event is organised on 5 October 2014 once again in Divya Dham Ashram with following initiatives:

Exclusive Monthly Programme (Delhi) - October 2014
  • Indian tradition of Vedic Chanting- Intangible Heritage of Humanity
  • Awakening Discourse Session- The stage that Awakens The Inner You
  • Divine Music- The Echo of God’s Laughter
  • Community Feeding- Efficient measure to encourage brotherhood, unity and integrity

Human life becomes meaningful and joyful when moral perfection and spiritual aristocracy is the purport, but it becomes heavy, boring and painful if crass materialism is the goal. So DJJS aspires to:

  • Carve out the hidden potentialities in a being, at physical, mental and spiritual level to result in overall personality development.
  • Make an individual balanced, productive and socially competent.
  • Train employees to defeat effectively with strife and stress in life.
  • Boost human resources with a strong character, cheerful and blissful nature.

Help people attain fearlessness, forbearance, perseverance and enriching traits.

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