DJJS was cordially invited at Pratibha Samaan Samaroh organised by Kamla Nehru Degree College, Rai Bareilly (U.P) on 21st Feb, 2015.

Motivational Lecture Inspires the Masses @ Rai Bareilly, U.P

The eminent preachers distributed awards to the talented student participants. Shri Arvind Tripathi (Judge- High Court, Allahabad), and Shri Dinesh Mishra (Magistrate) were the Chief Guests of the event.

Motivational Lecture Inspires the Masses @ Rai Bareilly, U.P

DJJS Preachers motivated and enlightened people with divine orations. They explained that for centuries, Indians were connected through rich cultural heritage and traditions. Our culture has nurtured the principles of truth, justice, love and good conduct. Hence, these are equally important to be followed in today’s modern era. Further, they also discussed about the depriving condition of today’s human being and disturbing balance of youth, which only through proper guidance can be brought on the right path.

Apart from the discourses, the heart-warming &immensely moving devotional songs composed and sung by DJJS Preachers were the highlight of the evening.

Devotees were doused within the soulful renditions and motivated with powerful discourses. Audience experienced an ambience of positivity and many were mesmerized with the divine waves.

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