Soaked in Divine Love, the ardent devotees at Divya Dham Ashram Monthly Spiritual Congregation took another dip in the lustrous glory of the Lord on Sunday, November 6, 2016. The divine ambiance reflected vibes of fervor instilling, in each heart, matchless conviction to tread persistently on the spiritual path. Devotees look forward to the monthly gathering to get surcharged in their inner world to succeed in their personal, professional, and spiritual life. Varying in age groups, varying in creeds, devotees come from far and near to attend the discourses each month. The noble objective of one and all in the assembly is to provide their service for the cause of World Peace, listen to the sermons delivered, and tune into the mesmerizing music, and earnestly remember the Supreme Power that makes all this possible.

Multitudes of Devotees Gather In Divya Dham Ashram to Drench In The Gentle Shower of Divinity

They make it a point to remain present in the congregation because it is a calling of their hearts; they attend because they long for Him, and they listen because they know there is no true love besides Divine Love. They understand there is hardly anything in the external secular world, no one to rely upon, no one to count on, and no one to trust fully. Therefore a devotee desires to connect back, stay tuned, and be one with none other than the Divine Power. Attending a sermon as such does just that for a disciple, enabling one to surrender to Him blissfully.

Multitudes of Devotees Gather In Divya Dham Ashram to Drench In The Gentle Shower of Divinity

As the tree of life continues to give no matter how much one takes from it, Guru too continues to enrich lives of His devotees with everything that He owns. The devotees feel being part of such a tree because they too in turn are able to deliver hope, peace, and relief to the world, provided by their Satguru. His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji continues to work on each devotee present at the sermon with dictum of “self-realization to world peace”. As the enlightened devotees continuously sharpen themselves with the tools of Brahm Gyan, they demonstrate that world peace will soon be achieved with their deep vigor and endless zeal.

The devout preachers of the organization too remain firm reestablishing into the hearts of all, Guru’s heartening words of “Charyeveti Charyeveti” - tread progressively and determinedly on His path of true devotion. Guru is the ultimate Spiritual dispenser who empowers His disciples to continue rising above, inclining on the route He has chosen to walk. The sermon delivered infuses temerity towards any obstacle that one may encounter in one’s path to perfection. The musical presentations are uplifting and bring the devotees closer to their goal. The vibrations experienced are priceless and do much for the emancipation of the inner world of all concerned.

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