My Earth My Responsibility Campaign re- establishing human- nature relationship on Raksha Bandhan


DJJS Sanrakshan led My Earth My responsibility Campaign, redefined the festival of Raksha Bandhan as an occasion of re- establishing the fading bond of protection between Human and Nature. Where millions of sisters across India tied rakhis to their brothers on Sunday, the young environmentalists of DJJS Sanrakshan Ludhiana tied pious threads of protection to the trees across Ludhiana city, sending out a wakeup call to the residents of the city to take up their responsibility of protecting and conserving trees.

Trees are the potent life insurance covers for healthy and secure planet.  Scientists are often heard quoting that simplest and the most potent way of stabilizing the environmental condition is planting trees. Contrastingly every day we lose 30,000 acres of tree cover (Maneka Gandhi, 2014) owing to various development needs. The consequence is the ever deteriorating environmental condition.

Sanrakshan, the Nature Conservation Program of DJJS identifies the growing disconnect between man and nature as the root cause of this unprecedented environment destruction. Thus, the program adopts unique strategies to re- establish the fading human- nature relationship. The organization upholds planting trees as not only a tangible method of protecting environment but also as a potent method of sowing the seeds of compassion in human hearts.

About Sanrakshan

Sanrakshan is Natural Resource Management and Environment Protection Program aims at rebuilding the fading human-nature relationship of mutualism for re-establishing the environmental balance.

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