World over, environmentalists today affirm that, faith has a big role to play in successfully achieving the ends of the global nature conservation movement.  His holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji states, “Faith is the fertile bed on which the seeds of compassion and love sprout spontaneously and hearts filled with compassion only take up an unfailing commitment to conserve nature as a whole”.

My Earth My Responsibility (MEMR) Campaign generating environment awareness at Shri Jaganath Rath Yatra

Upholding the same principle, on Sunday, 16 November, 2014, as thousands of hearts brimming with faith and devotion joined in to walk in the famous Jagannath Rath Yatra, the young volunteers of DJJS Sanrakshan led ‘My Earth My Responsibility Campaign’ took an opportunity to generate environment awareness among them. Committed to the cause of nature conservation, the ardent young environmentalists stood throughout the day, holding hand sketched placards reading environment slogans.

My Earth My Responsibility (MEMR) Campaign generating environment awareness at Shri Jaganath Rath Yatra

Indian culture and its traditions have been intricately crafted by the Vedic Super-scientists- the Indian Rishi munis, taking care of linkages between man and diverse aspects of cosmos. Festivals and customs were more than occasions of mere extrovert celebrations, instead they were powerful reminders of the great lilas (divine plays) which divine incarnations undertook in their earthly lives to reconnect masses which their roles and responsibilities as integral part of the cosmos.

Thus, amidst the religious fervour, MEMR team reminded devotees of Lord Jagannath, a holy incarnation of Lord Vishnu, about the innate responsibility of each human to conserve and live in harmony with Nature as has been demonstrated by Lord himself in his various divine incarnations.

The DJJS canopy was a centre of attention for devotees coming from all age groups, who actually paused to know more about the initiative and organisation. “This bold step taken by DJJS, is definitely an eye- opener for all of us, and I personally pledge in front of the holy feet of Lord Jaganath that I would definitely take up my responsibility towards environment with full sincerity”, exclaimed one of the devotee.  Several of them registered their interest in being part of this year long campaign and learn how they can act pro- environmentally at their individual levels.

The organising committee of the Rath Yatra specifically honoured and applauded the effort and dedication of DJJS volunteers and committed their support to campaign.

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