Ludhiana. Committed to the task of steering Ludhiana towards being an environmentally responsible society, MEMR Nature Conservators spearheaded the Earth Hour Movement in Ludhiana. Just 2 days before the hour, troupe of MEMR Nature Conservators marched to the D.C. office and handed over a Memorandum to DRO Mr. Mukesh Sharma appealing the turning out of lights in all government  and related offices. In addition the team also sent out public appeal motivating residents of Ludhiana to turn out lights and unessential electric appliances for an hour 8:30- 9:30pm, 28 March 2015, and mark their support to the fight against the biggest environmental threat- climate change.

My Earth My Responsibility Nature Conservators spearheaded the EARTH HOUR Movement in Ludhiana

Under the divine guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS Nature Conservation program, Sanrakshan, has been celebrating the hour since last 5 years across the DJJS network of branches in India. At DJJS, Earth Hour is not just an event to turn out lights, but it is an occasion when lakhs of disciples of His Holiness across the country spend an hour meditating to spiritually re- energise the earth. The unique initiative carved by His Holiness, is actually revival of the Vedic methodology followed by sages and seers who realized oneness with cosmos in deep meditation and dedicated their spiritual energy to maintain cosmic balance as well as lived lives which were pro- environmental.

My Earth My Responsibility Nature Conservators spearheaded the EARTH HOUR Movement in Ludhiana

Before immersing into the inner realms by way of spiritual meditation, these enlightened MEMR Nature Conservators undertook an hour long candle march at Rakh Bagh, Near Guru Nanak Stadium, Jagron Bridge, from 7:30- 8:30pm on 28 March 2015. The march was flagged off by renowned social activist of Ludhiana, Mr. Arun Sharma. Industrialists, Mr. Sanjay Mahindru and Avinash Rai joined the march as special guests. Over 6500 people, including men, woman and children joined the walk led by MEMR Troupe.

Project Coordinator, Tarsem Singh ji, addressed the people gathered sensitizing them on the issue of climate change. The event culminated in an appeal to masses to join the My Earth My Responsibility Campaign to ensure a greener Ludhiana.

Media persons from Daily Post, Hindustan times, Times of India, Amar Ujala, Ajit Samachar, Dianik Bhaskar, Dianik Jagran &  Dainik Savera covered the event.

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