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Chakan: Mothers are considered to be the first teacher in a child’s life, right from tracking child’s regular activities and grooming every-day in every possible aspect, contribution of mothers is immensely significant.

My Mom, My Superhero Mother's Day Special program conducted by DJJS Santulan in Chakan area of Pune District, Western Maharashtra

However, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s Gender Equality & Women Empowerment Initiative - Santulan believes that along with the biological mother, the contribution of Mother Nature (Maa Prakriti), Mother Nation (Maa Bharati), and the foremost Mother “A Perfect Spiritual Master” (Guru Maa) are the four significant mothers in our life who nurture us, raise us with care, love and are always dedicated towards our wellbeing.

Grasping these facts, DJJS Santulan has come up with month-long celebration of motherhood to bring forth the significance and potential of Mothers and show a sense of gratitude towards them via celebrating the month of May as Mother’s Day special month in the country-wide branches of the sansthan.

My Mom, My Superhero Mother's Day Special program conducted by DJJS Santulan in Chakan area of Pune District, Western Maharashtra

On the same note, a Mother’s Days special program was organized in the Chakan area of Pune, Western Maharashtra on 14th of May 2022. The 3 hour program was held under theme “Maa Tumhe Pranam” wherein 70 women participated, including Mothers and Daughters. The program included various interesting activities like quiz based on the case-study of the mothers who set forth their children as gems in our Indian History like- Rajmata Jija Bai, Maharani Madalsa et al. These Mothers groomed and raised their children in such a way that till date their children are renowned for their great deeds.

An interesting skit and a dance ballet was also performed by the participants, showing acknowledgment and gratitude towards Mothers, followed by an interesting debate which opened a discussion among the participant regarding, how a child should be raised today by their procreators, so that they can not only become successful but can also inspire the society by their conduct, character and virtues.

To make the program more impactful, the disciple preachers of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and the DJJS branch coordinators of Chakan- Sadhvi Mangalya Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Kirti Bharti Ji, explained the participants the irreplaceable role of a Mother in a Child’s life and some common qualities of right and wrong grooming patterns.

Lastly the program witnessed beautiful relationship of mothers and daughters through thanks giving gesture by the daughter to their mothers, photo session and selfie session et al.

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