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Sunderkand is the saga of epitome of devotion and staunch discipleship as depicted by Lord Hanuman. His surrender on path of righteousness was such that he remained connected to the Holy name from within at all times, and spoke only when it was about Lord Ram or Lord Ram’s task. Such state of mind then becomes the inexhaustible reservoir of wisdom and strength as can be comprehended from his journey of crossing ocean to Lanka, adventures at Lanka and conversations with Mother Sita.

Narration of Epic Sunderkand Disseminated the Nectar of Devotion in Queensland, Australia

Eternal bliss embraces the one who beholds the Divine Lord inside oneself, by the grace of a Perfect Master. This is indeed the straight path to accomplish the ultimate aim of life. To bring to light the facts about this path of Divine Knowledge, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) under the guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized the spiritual program of Sunderkand at

Narration of Epic Sunderkand Disseminated the Nectar of Devotion in Queensland, Australia

1. Doolandella, Queensland on 19th April 2019

2. Sunnybank, Queensland on 20th April 2019

3. Springfield Lakes, Queensland on 22nd April 2019

4. Spring Mountain, Queensland on 25th April 2019

DJJS Representatives Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Bhawna Bharti Ji was the orators of the program. The meticulous and melodious bhajans, kindled the divine emotions and helped everyone connect with beautiful narrations. The orators highlighted the importance of Sunderkand and its relevance in contemporary times in the wake of descending human values and culture. With the divine inspirations from devout Hanuman Ji, the devotees were encouraged to strike the lost balance as exemplified in the Vedic times.

Sadhvi Ji asserted that in order to bring Ramrajya today where honesty, brotherhood, spirituality and happiness all existed; the transformation in human beings has to prosper at the root level i.e. at Soul level. It is the level from where the perennial happiness and everlasting blissful energy can be drawn. This level can be reached upon only by learning the real art of mediation as mentioned in all our scriptures i.e. “Brahm Gyan or Divine Knowledge” through the Perfect Master of the time.

As Lord Rama was Perfect master for Hanuman ji, His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji is the Perfect Master of present time awakening millions of beings by activating the divinity innate in everyone through the subtle faculty of third eye. This indeed is the way to establish eternal relationship with Lord for a devotee. It is then that we learn to sync our actions with the higher consciousness and it is only then that we can become wise and ardent devotee like Hanuman ji conquering vices like Ravana prevalent today. The beautifully narrated life- directing teachings imparted new perspective to attendees, who found themselves drenched with feelings of bliss. The purpose of the event was fulfilled as many came forward to enlist their names for the initiation into the Divine Knowledge.

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