Each era, the Lord manifests into the human garb to fulfill a divine dream. His heavenly acquisitions take form as the time progresses. Time and time again, HE prepares his disciples to contribute towards the holy target. On top of that, upon completion of the goal, HE gives all the credit to those who take part in his divine play. Similarly, His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has set the aim of World Peace in which all are welcome to participate. HIS Holiness always glorifies those who continue to participate and withstand any obstacles, although a disciple knows that the one who in fact is behind any accomplishment is Guru (perfect master) Himself. 

Nurmahal Monthly Congregation, Solidifying Spiritual Roots Through Meditation

On April 10th, 2016 Nurmahal Ashram, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, echoed such words full of wisdom during the monthly gathering - Bhandara Program. The program served as a stimulus that solidifies the spiritual roots a spiritualist possesses. Those who attended, stand witness to the spiritual uplifting carried out via devotional music. They also observed the divine spark ignited by the inspirational discourse delivered by various preachers of His Holiness.

Nurmahal Monthly Congregation, Solidifying Spiritual Roots Through Meditation

Month-long awaited program always brings a new ray of hope, a new string of faith, and a new vow for victory in the parched hearts of the devotees. It kindles courage, strengthens beliefs, and energizes the dehydrated zeal. Those who attend feel fortunate and privileged to have found such a source of spiritual vitality.

‘From Self-Awakening to World Peace’ is the divine mantra. The need of the hour is to transform oneself and be the epitome of the change to the outside world. World Peace seems to be a tangible aspiration by seeing the works of DJJS. The momentum of activities is increasing by leaps and bounds in DJJS, and the day is not far when the world will taste the sweet nectar of a peaceful planet.

Devotees took individual, mental vows to contribute to spark the light of Brahm Gyan into each and every heart. They pledged to participate in the flowering mission established by Gurudev.

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