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Streamed from Divyadham Ashram, Delhi, DJJS presented a special webcast on the occasion of Ganesh Utsav.

Obey the Guru, Not the Mind :: #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 77th Edition

The program began with enthralling bhajans sung in the glory of Lord Ganesha which elevated the devotion of disciples to the next level. An inspiring spiritual discourse cautioning disciples against tricks of the mind and urging them to constantly align with the commandments of Guru [Perfect Master], was presented. The importance of five principle practices - Sumiran, Sadhna [Meditation], Satsang [Spiritual discourse], Prarthana [Prayers], and Sewa [Selfless Service] as spiritual aides for a disciple treading the path of devotion was also underscored.

Obey the Guru, Not the Mind :: #DJJSSatsangWebcastSeries 77th Edition

Check out the Post-Program Photo Highlights of the 77th edition of Post-COVID DJJS weekly webcasts.

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