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Common misconceptions revolve around parenting and childhood. At Manthan SVK, with an aim to focus on the child's mental development, we endeavor to create a healthy relationship between parents and children.

Parents' Awareness Day – a healing touch for Manthanites

On 24th April, 2018, Manthan SVK organized Parents’ Awareness Day at its centres across India. The main focus of the session was to instill the importance of education in the parents, to help parents understand their wards better at all levels to comprehend, along with emphasizing the significance of healthy eating habits and maintaining a hygienic environment for the children to grow. Interactive sessions entailed discussions about how parents shouldn't compare their children with other children for each child is unique and different.

Parents' Awareness Day – a healing touch for Manthanites

In the light of this, many examples such as that of Walt Disney and Thomas Edison were cited to encourage the thought that; trying brings success and that each success story starts with a failed attempt.

The discussion then took the direction of academic performance of their wards, wherein parents were persuaded to not pressurize children to score higher marks, although important, do not constitute the future of an individual, rather help them achieve their dreams and success.

Following this session, an activity was conducted wherein the significance of interaction among parents and children was emphasized. The parents and children were given 5 minutes to talk and in the end they had to tell something about the other that they just got to know. This activity certainly led to some interesting insights and healing moments.

Keeping in mind the objective of the session, discussions about the effect of cleanliness on the child's psyche were also taken up, following which came an intense discussion on child abuse, and POCSO (Protection of children from sexual offenses).

In addition to this, various more activities were conducted regarding interaction between children, parents, and teachers. Towards the end of the session, prizes were distributed among the participants of the session as: Best Supportive Parents, Best Understanding with Children, Best Cook, Most Caring, Best Story Teller and many more…

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