The moment one says ‘Ram’, it invokes serenity and thus emerges an image of a simple person, ideal son and a perfect leader who renounced everything to present the highest decorum of virtuousness. By the grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) conducted five days Ram Katha program, from 21st to 25th March’18. The event blessed the devotees of Bhikhi, District Mansa, Punjab with new zeal to lead life.

Path to Liberation and Spiritual Awakening Elated the Devotees in Shri Ram Katha at Bhikhi, Punjab

Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Satguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, spoke eloquently of the life and lesson of Lord Ram. The theme of Lord Ram elucidated a culture of brotherhood and peace. Common people in Lord Ram’s patronage received the inner strength to act bravely and fight difficult situations. In Ram Rajya, there was an atmosphere of unity among all people. In present time also, by the grace of Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, era of Kaliyug is returning to the righteous and bountiful era of Lord Ram. Peace is dawning over people who have been bestowed with Brahm Gyan by the perfect master of the time. Regardless of their external conditions, all Brahm Gyanis are experiencing inner peace by participating in service to mankind.

Path to Liberation and Spiritual Awakening Elated the Devotees in Shri Ram Katha at Bhikhi, Punjab

Sadhvi Ji narrated the epic Ramayan and highlighted that there was no discrimination in the eyes of the lord. His divinity could turn any person to a noble soul. The one who listens to Ram Katha regularly and treads on the path shown by the lord builds great values. This holy epic has the strength to benefit an individual with gems of mercy and love and inculcates fearlessness.

This spiritual discourse gives the audience a stream of calm breeze in the face of challenges of life. Sadhvi Ji explained the four phases of Brahm Gyan which fills the mind with positive and pure thoughts. The devotional music and songs played by highly skilled disciple brothers and sisters made the aura divine. It is noteworthy that all the members of the team were engaged in selfless service and none of them were trained singers or musicians.

Sadhvi Ji further said that His holiness Satguru Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is on the way to make Ram Rajya a reality in today’s world. With his blessings, numerous projects are ongoing and volunteers from all walks in life contribute their sewa in the mission. Young people, students and professionals who are initiated into Brahm Gyan are adapting our culture with pride with the kind of learning they are receiving. The greatness of our traditions and the beauty of our values were clearly depicted by the story of Lord Ram. The audience present was mesmerized by the soulful Katha and slogans of Jai Sri Ram.

The audience increased with each passing day of Katha. The word of bliss and tranquility that people experienced at this place became widespread. Sadhvi Ji’s wisdom and eloquence was praised by all. The grace of Guru which uplifts a disciple from humanity to divinity was clearly visible.

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