If Our Youth Arise and Act,
They Have the Strength And
Dynamism to Generate a Huge
Transformation in the Society.

Peace and Harmony among Youth, Lecture at Top Educational Institutions organized by Abohar Branch, Punjab

As the lines aptly describes, the youth is the hope of the future. In the hustle and bustle of chores of daily life, how can this transformation be possible? How can the youth come out of these chores and realize the larger purpose of their lives? Today’s youth life is all about gadgets, connections, likes on social networking sites, peer pressure, pressure to be an all rounder, career planning etc. List is endless. In this chaotic life, is there any moments of fresh air to respire? Is there any technique, any way in which one can really be relaxed and carefree?

Peace and Harmony among Youth, Lecture at Top Educational Institutions organized by Abohar Branch, Punjab

To give solutions to these tedious problems of Youth in this era, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), a socio-spiritual organization stepped forward. DJJS visited the top educational institutions proactively and delivered lectures throughout September. Some of the colleges like Bhag Singh Khalsa College For Women, Ch.Ballu Ram Godara Govt Girls College, DAV College of Education, Jain ITI, Kennway College of Education, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Sardar Patel Medical Institute of Nursing & Hospital and SGN Khalsa PG College were benefitted by them.

The main orator of the lectures was Sadhvi Manendra Bharti Ji, preacher and disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji aegis under whose guidance DJJS and the humanity is flourishing and getting a new lease of life. The preacher hit the nail on the head by dwelling into the burning topics like Stress Management, Personality Development and Positive thinking.

The preacher orated that if we look closely; all these topics are targeted towards “I” while we keep blaming “Others” all the time for any problem in our life. So need of the hour is to introspect and work on the self so that a balance life can be lead. This balance can be created only when one knows the purpose of life and be connected to the source of that purpose just the way a mobile is charged when connected to the source of power. So to transform self, one needs to remain connected with the divine power. Just the way, regular charging lengthens the life of battery and handset, regular divine vibrations help to enlighten and improve the quality of life.

Once we remain connected to SELF, concentration, positivity and moral values fall in place. Life becomes more disciplined and carefree. Then only youth has the power to transform self, then society and the world at large.

This profound message was heard in a captivating way by thousands of Youth which were unaware of this platform. Everyone appreciated the event and vouched to remain connected with SELF and then connect others with the divine powers. Now they know whom to approach for those divine powers – DJJS (The power house of Brahm Gyan)

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