The moment Mr Raj Aggarwal, an entrepreneur, stepped inside the beautiful Convention Centre, Parliament street, he  spoke out- ‘Perfect ambience for a PEACEful Weekend!’ Similar was the reaction of other participants who joined the  Grand PEACE workshop held on 10 Feb., 2013. Well researched sessions on Fitness, Stress, Team work, Time Management, along with Fun-filled activities, Exciting Games, Quiz, Scrumptious food, Snacks, One-to-one interactions gave the professionals from varied corporate backgrounds a complete doze of satisfaction. They actually felt exuberant when a ‘Surprise Bonanza’ was unravelled at the end of the sessions – Classical Devotional Concert by the very talented Music Team of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. People were mesmerised by the melodious tunes and inspirational lyrics of the songs.

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