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Monthly spiritual congregation is the most sought after event in Patiala, Punjab. Devotees from all over the region reach to this place with inquisitiveness in their minds to know to satiate their spiritual hunger so that they can tread on this path without any deviation. On the 14th of October, 2018 THE day arrived again and many devoted disciples were present at the main hall for spiritual congregation organized by DJJS.

Pearls of Wisdom Soothed the Distressed Hearts at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Patiala, Punjab

Preachers of DJJS spoke eloquently on the topic of human life cycles which is based on our karmas or actions. She explained very logically and scientifically- as per the third law of motion given by Newton- every action has its equal and opposite reaction. Whatever we have done in the past and are doing in our current life or will do in our future lives, bear fruits and we are expected to accept these fruits. This is how the cycle of life keeps on moving ahead. A natural question which would come to anyone listening to the above is how then one can fulfill the purpose of life which is to reach God? It appeared as if Sadhvi Ji read people’s minds and further explained that by the fire of divine knowledge or Brahm Gyan, one can put the results of all karmas to ashes. Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita has clearly stated this fact that even if one keeps doing good karmas the whole life, they may not be able to reach God, this is because any karma needs to bear fruits and in order to manifest the bountiful results of the good karmas done, one has to take life after life.

Pearls of Wisdom Soothed the Distressed Hearts at Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Patiala, Punjab

Karmas are classified into three types. First of which is Sanchit Karma- This is type of Karma which is accumulated from past lives and one carries them over to next life.  This explains why certain incidents happen in life unexplained- these are the results of our Sanchit (accrued) karmas. The second type of karmas is called Prarabd karma- the karma that we do in present life and the results of which is obtained upfront. Then there is the Agami Karma- which is done in this birth and the results achieved in next birth. Karmas create energy and this energy can only be transformed from one to another. Wise are those who turn the results of their Karmas or the energies to null by incessant Dhyan- true technique of which is bestowed upon an individual during Brahm Gyan.

Brahm Gyan is the ultimate path and there are no easy alternatives to it. With regular practice of meditation, fruits of Karma get converted to spiritual energy which is then utilized to further develop this universe.

Audience was mesmerized to be introduced to this truth of life and they went home filled with content to further reflect and introspect. Many volunteers were eagerly doing selfless service after getting initiation in Brahm Gyan by Satguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

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