Social Revolution is only possible through complete human mind transformation. Same was elaborated in Bhajan Sandhya ‘Arhat’ held in Ludhiana, Punjab on 1st October 2017 organised by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan in collaboration with Mahaveer International. DJJS is a Socio-spiritual organization founded and headed by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji with heroic mission of world peace. Evening began with lamp lightening and enchanting bhajans that won the hearts of devotees.

Perfect Solution for Social Problems through Spiritual Teachings of Mahaveer Coined in ‘Arhat’ Bhajan Sandhya in Ludhiana, Punjab

The programme further progressed with a  brilliant speech by Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji in which she justified the meaning of Sanskrit word Arhat, is a soul who has conquered inner passions such as attachment, anger, pride and greed. Bhagwan Mahaveer is a realised soul who provided perfect solution to every problem through Brahm Gyan. It is an eternal science of realisation of our true selves, Atman. Realising ourselves is the key to transformation of human mind which will revolutionize the society. Importance of human thoughts was explained through an incident from Mahaveer’s life which clarified that change cannot be implemented through outer temptations, punishments, instructions, empty laws and orders. Only when mind is free from greed one can benefit the society. People have to give up their personal benefits, selfish goals and join together to uplift the society from today’s corrupted scenario. Further she briefly explained when everyone in the society establishes connection with the inner soul, all the divine properties will manifest leading to peaceful world.

Perfect Solution for Social Problems through Spiritual Teachings of Mahaveer Coined in ‘Arhat’ Bhajan Sandhya in Ludhiana, Punjab

Mahaveer’s teachings of non-violence, detachment, renunciation and acceptance are all possible to attain only when people, with the grace of the Perfect Master are blessed with Brahm Gyan and practice it on daily basis. Then only colossal vision of world peace will manifest. The audiences were benefitted as they were informed about the same technique used by every Perfect Master to bring spiritual revolution. The thanked the organizers of the event from the bottom of their hearts for giving the noble information that Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Master of the present Age.  He graces each disciple with the same technique, Mahaveer Bhagwan adopted.

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