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Being distant physically never confines Satguru’s teaching nor the love felt through the teaching by His disciples. His everlasting words of wisdom reverberate throughout a disciple’s days and nights. He showers His endless grace pouring it down throughout the disciple’s life. His caring guidance leads the way every breath of the disciple. These and various other praises of the Satguru were part of the discourse held at Nurmahal Ashram, Punjab on Sunday, October 15, 2017. Being a part of the gathering energizes the attendees, instilling the zeal to head in the direction of achieving their set goal. “Bigger the goal, Higher is the zeal needed. When the chosen goal is ocean, The River flows incessantly and tirelessly. Likewise, since your goal is GOD, Be like a River.”

Praises of the Satguru Energize the Masses during Monthly Discourse at Nurmahal Ashram

Satguru listens to the prayers uttered from deep within one’s heart. He guides the pupils to strive for righteousness. He continues to be the shining beam giving hope and dreams to His beloved disciples. Such commemorations came out of the spiritual hymns orchestrated during the program. The melodies grasp each heart and take it through a journey into the world of divine love. Hearts rejoice and join in the prayers and praises being sung, some are even seen dancing to the mesmerizing tunes.

Praises of the Satguru Energize the Masses during Monthly Discourse at Nurmahal Ashram

As the volunteers perform their assigned tasks, the devotees maintain discipline, and the program emits peace and harmony for all. Under the discipleship of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the head and founder of DJJS, the monthly congregations continue to become the abode for devotees to regress and rejuvenate spiritually. Those in attendance testify that this program is one that they look forward to attending the entire month. Many travel from far, others devote their time and efforts enabling the program to take place collectively.

Masses did not take away mere lectures or musical tunes; instead they take home hearts full of enthusiasm, hands full of power, feet full of energy, and eyes seeing the goal set by Satguru.

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