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Devotees from different parts of the world have gathered here in Kumbh Mela to find the true, real and supreme purpose of life. This time, DJJS organised a grand divine rally for creating the awareness about the holy purpose of life and how the devotees can reach the path of salvation. Swami Vivekananda - the great spiritual leader has always said, “True Religion is the realization of the God”.

DJJS volunteers reached out to the corners to spread the message of Lord that “God is the subject of Divine Experience”. The message of Divine Knowledge was spread to each and every devotee in Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj. Only self- realization based on the Divine Knowledge can bring the change required in the world, today, and achieve the highest vision of World Peace. DJJS is making all possible endeavours in order to serve and spread awareness in the society about the supreme goal.

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