The test of current times for the disciples initiated on the path of Divine knowledge is not from the world outside but from the demons within us. For the disciple ardently pursuing path of righteousness as guided by Guru, each and every situation or act or decision in his/her life is within the divine play of a Guru. A Guru watches not only the actions of a disciple but every single thought that generates in our mind. So when our mind is lured by opulence of material world or is delude with notions of ego or anger, only our spiritual master can protect us by taking control of events in our life, by teaching us a lesson in face of challenges. To establish such connection with the Guru, an honest prayer, steady devotion, unflinching patience and perseverance for the Guru is the way out.

Real Essence of Bhakti Reiterated at Monthly Spiritual Congregation Held at Nurmahal, Punjab

Every Month, a spiritual congregation is held at Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan - Nurmahal, Punjab to refurbish devotees with divine revelations relevant to the secular life today. Numerous devotees and disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji poured in from various towns to rekindle their spiritual journey for the event that took place on 10th December, 2017. Devotees of all age group look forward to this monthly gathering in order to reengage themselves in divine thoughts and actions and remain focused on their spiritual path. The program commenced with heart filled and humble prayers into the lotus feet of Revered Master, followed by series of spiritual discourse and soulful bhajans delivered by learned preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Real Essence of Bhakti Reiterated at Monthly Spiritual Congregation Held at Nurmahal, Punjab

The preachers enlightened the attendees on the perennial essence of Guru Bhakti. The worship which is outcome of our own mind’s fancies is not the Bhakti. True Bhakti starts when there is no presence of self-conceit, where there is only surrender to Gurudev with utmost love and honour. Surrender to the guidance, commands and service of Guru will turn a disciple instrumental into the hands of Divine Guru, who in turn leads us towards Divinity. Preachers citied various examples in history pertaining to Master - Disciple Relationship. How one can Patience, perseverance and undeterred faith towards the Guru can be learnt from the Guru-devotees in history as Sati Das, Mati Das and Dyal Das, disciples of Guru Tegh Bhadur Singh Ji. These were the devotees who happily and smiling embraced martyrdom on the commands of their Guru, for their fight towards cruelty and injustice. They were executed in front of their Guru but were cheerful to the core since they knew, they haven’t lost anything but achieved Divinity by grace of their Master. History is brimming with examples of such glorious disciples whose surrender was so tremendous that they ended with nothing less than Reunion with Supreme Lord.

Attendees were absorbed to the core and offered salutations to the Guru with tear filled eyes and voice equipped with armour, commitment was accompanied by humbleness. Every segment was marvellously intertwined with the other. Many left charged as they felt attending the program satiated their spiritual and motivational thirst. It was indeed a matchless event for the devotees of Punjab.

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