Rebuild Human- Nature relationship. Reorient Lifestyles. SAVE PLANET

A simple choice like buying an apple from a highway street vendor or a well- maintained air conditioned mall may threaten the existence of a far off artic island- home for hundreds.

Rebuild Human- Nature relationship. Reorient Lifestyles. SAVE PLANET


Choices, ways and lifestyles honed by 7 billion residents of the planet are the key determinants of the health of the planet. As more and more people aspire for American smart, modular, centrally air conditioned living, the resource base of the planet is threatened. Scientists clearly state that, “If each one of the 7 billion world population would have American living, then 5 earths would be needed to fulfil the demands of the population”.

Addressing this alarming scenario, DJJS Sanraksan dedicated Environment day 2016, to rebuild human nature relationship and reorientation of lifestyles through its 10 day REBUILD Campaign.  Young Nature Conservators of DJJS Karkardoma branch took to parks and malls setting up sustainable living booths orienting masses towards pro- environmental living.

Thousands strolling in Ram Manohar Lohia Park, Sahibabad and DDA Park, I.P. Extension were left awestruck seeing the young brigade marching and raising environmental slogans in the park. Struck by the vibes, men, women and children huddled together to witness a thought provoking street play performance “Kissa climate change ka”. The play was followed by a formal introduction of the DJJS Sanrakshan Rebuild Campaign, opening the Sanrakshan Sustainable living booth for enthusiasts, seekers and nature lovers.

The sustainable living booths were specially designed to sensitize and steer masses towards pro- environmental living through engagement activities on 3 R’s. The specially crafted life size eco-  snakes and ladders was a hit among children who played the games and learnt the essential do’s and don’t’s of sustainable living.

A special program by DJJS Children for Earth was organised at Shipra Mall, Karkardoma on 5th June, Environment day itself to reiterate the dire need of walking the conservation way in all aspects of life. Tiny tots of Sanrakshan voiced to the plight of the planet and appealed to the elders to head towards sustainable living for handing a green resource rich planet to future generations.

Several people out on shopping stood at the Sustainable living booths spending time to learn Reuse  and upcycling of waste products, science of waste segregation  and do’s and don’t’s of sustainable living. Each one of them marked their commitments by tying ‘leaves for green planet’ at the booth.

Rebuild is an annual campaign of DJJS Sanrakshan undertaken to commemorate World Environment day. The campaign focuses on rebuilding the fading human- nature relationship through inclusion of 3R’s [Reduce, Reuse & Recycle] in daily living. Rebuild 2016, precisely focuses on urban areas including metropolitan cities, other cities, towns etc. and aims to sensitize and work with urban population to steer them on the path of sustainable living.

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