As they say you cannot avoid a disaster if it is destined to happen, but thanks to organizations like Divya Jyoti Jagriti Sansthan (DJJS) which comes into play at these times and offers its magical helping hand to support the needy and rectify the loss as much as possible. A recent incident at the Jassian village of Ludhiana is an example of this. On 5th August, 2016, a disastrous short circuit affected many villagers who were left homeless without food, clothes and electricity as their huts and other kuccha homes were burnt completely. The men and women along with their children had to face this trouble and the village is in a muddle. In a difficult situation like this, DJJS came to their rescue and lend a helping hand to these people.

Relief Program by Manthan SVK at Jassian Village, Ludhiana

One of the major social initiatives of DJJS, Manthan – a holistic education program for the unprivileged children and women, focuses not just on education but also on health care and nutrition through field visits. Since the students of Manthan suffered in this crisis, the representatives of DJJS organized a relief program and extended the financial help to them. Sadhavi Rajni Bharti along with the teachers distributed food and clothes and Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur was invited as the Guest of Honor. This was an hour event which took place from 12pm – 1pm and 80 beneficiaries were involved. This was an initiative of the Gopal Nagar centre of DJJS.

Relief Program by Manthan SVK at Jassian Village, Ludhiana

Overall the event was a success as it boosted the morale of the victims and ensured that the continuity of their study schedule does not get impacted because of an unfortunate incident.

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