Sampoorn Kranti – A Devotional Concert to celebrate universal Brotherhood


DJJS organized one day devotional concert based on the theme of Sampoorn Kranti on 15th August, 2015 at Kurukshetra, Harayana. Sadhvi Vaishnavi Bharti Ji disciple of H.H Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji through her devotional hails of “vasudev katumbhkam” sensitized the devotees to stead-fast on the path of Brahm Gyan and live in peace and tranquility with togetherness as one big family. To realize this dream of establishing world peace, one needs to connect themselves to the roots of inner world i.e. self-realization, which is only conceivable through Brahm Gyan.

The event was embellished by the presence of renowned dignitaries of the area like - Subhash Sudha – MLA; Dr. Yogeshwar Joshi - Principal, BPR College (Kurukshetra); Dr. RA Malhotra - Director, Panorama; Parveen Chaudhary - Chairman, Parsed;  Pawan Chaudhary - Samaj Sevi , (Kurukshetra);  Rajkumar Saini -Member BJP;  Shakuntla Sharma - Member BJP.

The limelights of the event were the beatific, euphoric and inspirational discourses that deluged the prodigious number of devotees who found their souls exhilarated after attending the program.

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