Furthering the aim of steering the young custodians of Earth on the path of sustainability, DJJS Karkardooma under the banner of Sanrakshan's Children for Earth Campaign organized a special awareness workshop "How you can serve the society!" on September 8, 2017. The workshop was intended to sensitize children about their responsibilities towards the nation, and tell them what they can do to make society a better place to live.

Sanrakshan Children for Earth Campaign | DJJS Karkardooma Edifies Children about Cleanliness

In the beginning of the workshop, children were shown various videos and presentations on cleanliness becoming a major concern in India. There were various activities as well for the children to encourage their participation in the discussion and to sustain their interest. Sadhvi Chaitanya Bharti Ji, the DJJS Karkardooma centre coordinator and an ascetic disciple of H.H. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, discussed how everyone, being a part of the society, can contribute for the well being of the nation and Mother Earth. She explained various other aspects that are associated with cleanliness of surroundings. Talking about this, she told that garbage not only emanates foul smell but is also a reason for spread of many deadly diseases, including Malaria and Dengue. Moreover, animals that eat such garbage thinking it to be food end up losing their lives. With all this, volunteers ensured that children actively participate in the workshop. The children too, being a witness to the changes happening in the surroundings, promised to keep the surroundings clean and segregate waste properly, as told in the presentations.

Sanrakshan Children for Earth Campaign | DJJS Karkardooma Edifies Children about Cleanliness

DJJS Karkardooma centre is committed to make children environmentally responsible citizens by organizing monthly workshops for them under the banner of Children for Earth (a campaign dedicated to generate environmental awareness among children). In these workshops, DJJS Sanrakshan takes up various topics of environmental concern that need urgent attention and extends education on such subjects to the children.

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