Dwarka, New Delhi. The weekly Raahgiri Day at Dwarka was stamped blue this time, with Raahgir’s joining the Sanrakshan led SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE initiative and taking the path of water conservation. On Sunday morning as the Sec 10, Dwarka road was blocked for Raahgiri, the exuberant team of Sanrakshan Nature Conservators, Dwarka walked in holding water sensitization posters and placards raising slogans of Water conservation. The idea was to remind one and all about their water responsibility on the occasion of World Water Day 2015.

Sanrakshan commemorates World Water Day 2015 at Raahgiri Dwarka

Awestruck by the enthusiasm, in no time the Raahgir’s started walking with Sanrakshan Team raising high the slogan of Save Water Save life.  A special comedy act was enacted by the team which conveyed the lax attitude of an individual which has led us to this state of crisis. It started with laughter but slowly the laughter turned into thoughtful gaze and audience left pondering over their own action.

Sanrakshan commemorates World Water Day 2015 at Raahgiri Dwarka

Thousands, then flocked at the Sanrakshan Water Awareness Booth with concerns and queries about the water issue; it seemed as if the sensitive chord of residents of water scarce Dwarka was struck. They pro-actively sought solutions which they could apply to meet the water shortage in the area.

Through interactive games a comedy act and specially designed 50 litre water saving challenge, Sanrakshan volunteers educated the Raahgir’s on simple tips through which they could save 50l of water daily and conserve the precious water resource for future. In a span of just 3 hrs, over 3000 people were sensitized on the looming issue of water crisis.

All motivated men, women and children expressed their water saving commitments at the Sanrakshan SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE wall.

SAVE EVERY DROP OF LIFE is a special initiative undertaken by Sanrakshan on the occasion of World Water day 2015, to reiterate to the masses that Nature, health, food, industry, clothing everything which webs our comfortable lifestyle actually comes from water, thus, in saving water lays the safety and security of our life.

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