Meerut: "Deep-seated bias, not lack of confidence, knocks women off the path to success", states ‘The Washington’ of April 2014, tagging lower status of women as a global concern. Reclaiming her veritable self is of utmost need for women in the present scenario. DJJS under its gender equality program-Santulan, has been conducting series of gender sensitization workshops across the nation, particularly in Meerut, with a vision to bring women at par with men. Recognizing DJJS' contribution in this field, Santulan team was invited as the guest of honor in a conference on the theme 'Meri Pehchan ' organized by Hindustan News in collaboration with Zindagi Channel, Meerut.

Santulan awarded by Zindagi Channel & Hindustan News in Meerut City, UP

The program was organized on February 23, 2015 at Hotel Harmony Inn, Garh Road, Meerut as the launch event of a women empowerment campaign in the city with a target group of eighty-five ladies from elite class. Five ladies from the city shortlisted on the basis of their courage and achievements, by Hindustan team were invited on the stage one by one to share their experiences and motivate other women participants.

Santulan awarded by Zindagi Channel & Hindustan News in Meerut City, UP

One of them shared her experience as a daughter in childhood days. She said it was full of struggle and challenges, and also brought into notice that inequality and discrimination prevails irrespective of class & education. How her father's special concern for her cousin brother bothered her in every sense, how her educational slowdown did not affect anybody in family and nobody guided her. Only because of her fighting back spirit, she decided to work hard and pursue higher education and succeeded very well. In spite of whatever she faced, and the inherent forgiving nature of woman, she supported her family in their hard times, which now makes them feel proud.

Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti JI, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji was invited as representative of DJJS and a gender expert and was warmly welcomed by the panel. Sadhvi  Ji delivered a sensitizing lecture on the literal as well as spiritual meaning of Pehchan of a woman that commands respect. She explained the 3-pronged approach that is followed in Santulan’s Pehchan workshop in the perspective of combating discrimination and violence against women, which involves sensitizing women to learn to say 'NO' against increasing crime, then equipping them with the knowledge of their fundamental & social rights and finally awakening the at the soul level to realize one's self worth and existence.

Overwhelmed by DJJS endeavours for women empowerment, Hindustan News awarded Santulan team for their selfless efforts to empower women and eliminate biases against her.  The group also committed support to Santulan for future activities in the said field.

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