The very word empowerment means moving from powerlessness to a position of power. And to manifest the same, education is an essential mode that provides knowledge, enhanced skill set and self-confidence necessary for active participation of women and girls in their own development process. Through education, women can potentially change their own economic status and that of their communities too. Taking this fundamental philosophy forward, the regional team of Santulan  – the Gender Equality Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) reached Kharkhoda village of Meerut district to extend support by counselling the underprivileged women.

DJJS Meerut advocating Girl Child Education

DJJS Meerut initiated "walk through villages" – a woman empowerment drive in the month of May 2014 with a vision to sensitize at least 40 villages in next 8 months. After leaving its footprints in Kazipur on the Meerut bypass road, the DJJS Meerut gender team reached Kharkhoda to sensitize & awaken women towards equal rights and opportunities in the family, work and society at large. Groups of women working in fields, collecting stubble & maze, were called to discuss their views on girl education. When Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti Ji, disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji – founder and head of DJJS asked one of the women about her education, her response at was a stark denial saying, "humne kaunsa padke collector banna hai".  At questioning her back to figure out why she thinks so, she replied, "16 saal ki umar me to shaadi ho jati hai". Observations of the aforementioned interaction were noted in the form of ignorance towards education, lack of knowledge about one's rights, curbed & curtailed dreams finally leading to a blocked mindset of not educating their girl children.

DJJS Meerut advocating Girl Child Education

The increasing gap between what all one can do and what we are doing has worsened the situation as it involves non-realization of underestimation. Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the sole inspiration and guiding force behind the status alleviation initiative of women says, “Only by realizing their self worth through Brahmgyan – eternal science of self realization, can women can free themselves from clutches of forced subjugation, disparity, discrimination and violence”.

DJJS through its Social Welfare and Reform Programs is working across the globe on issues like drug abuse eradication, nature conservation, bovine conservation, education of poor, holistic health for communities, prisoner’s reformation, disaster management and empowerment of women and disabled.

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