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Sex selective abortions and other gender based crime have occupied social foreground in recent years. Census, 2011 alarmed the nation as the child sex ratio (0-6 years) showed a decline from 927 females per thousand males in 2001 to 919 females per thousand males in 2011, manifesting rise in female feticide. The survived girls also combat discrimination & violence throughout their lives to sustain their survival. However, no statistic could change the societal mindset in gender perspective. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan by means of its pro-active gender equality program-Santulan, is carrying out several campaigns nationwide, particularly on cause-sensitive days, to sensitize masses towards value of girl child and consequences of skewed child sex-ratio. This year, commemorating ‘International Day of Girl Child’- An International Observance, a mass awareness drive is being organized under its banner to discuss causes & consequences of worsening status of girl child.

Santulan spotlights “Missing Girls” observing International Day of Girl Child 2019

Upon rigorous research in previous campaigns, there lies no ray of hope in the end of tunnel. The accountability for the current gender ratio passes on from one fraternity to the other. Doctor who does the crime, blames lawyer for lack of laws, who further blames government for feeble law enforcement. This year, calling everyone under one roof, consultative conferences are being organized Pan India under the title ‘Hamari Lupt betiyaan-A Sharing Perspectives Conference’ to put across perspectives from diverse spheres, address the issue of female feticide and eventually, create air for girl child. The conference includes a panel of dignitaries from various relevant professions viz., medical, legal, law enforcement (Police), social welfare & religious institution with audience including social activists, journalists, professors, etc. Post a warm welcome with lamp lighting along with brief introduction of dignitaries by Santulan volunteer, each panelist puts forward his/her perspective in regards to pre-informed agenda, comprising of consequential issues like sex-selective abortions, son-preference syndrome and vicious circle of gender based crime, and what is the possible solution in their respective vision. To conclude the discussion, Sadhvi disciple disseminates knowledge about importance of girl child and need to strike gender balance, demystifies myths & misconceptions against girl child, breaks gender stereotypes and introduce a spiritual technique of soul-awakening in order to irrevocably change mindsets and make society righteous. The discussion is followed by a gripping skit highlighting the swift disappearance of girls in recent years.

Santulan spotlights “Missing Girls” observing International Day of Girl Child 2019

Thereafter, Santulan documentary outlining its philosophy, gender based initiatives, ongoing campaigns, beneficiaries’ headcount etc. Towards the end is the display of a dance ballet on the theme ‘Tu hai Shakti’ showcasing women power as an incarnation of Shakti. A note of gratitude is being delivered by Santulan volunteer addressing the panelists & audience, followed by high tea. An informative exhibition with display of posters of dreadful statistics shedding light on lowering status of women adds to the learning. Santulan, with the vision to empower women holistically and bring about gender equilibrium, is actively working with countless groups & institutions, aiming to gift equality and freedom of survival to generations to come.

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