Jesus showed compassion for all and helped them: the poor, the despised, the outcasts, and wants us to do the same. To respect the commandments and teaching of the higher beings we remember and celebrate the days adhering to their teachings and wisdoms.  Under its employee engagement initiatives, corporate firm Sapient India Pvt. Ltd celebrated Christmas Day with the students of Manthan – Sampoorna Vikas Kendra on 21st Dec 2016. 120 Students of Gurugram and Faridabad centers of Manthan SVK participated in the events organized for the day. The celebration started with poem recitations, carol singing sessions and group dances by the children. Children were divided in 9 teams and each team was given a name related to the festive day, i.e. Jingle team, Reindeer team, Santa Team etc.

Sapient Employees Celebrated Christmas Day with Manthanites

The cultural activities by the teams was followed by decoration of a huge Christmas Tree with stars, bells and gifts dignifying divinity, charity and well-being of all.  12 employees form Sapient India Pvt. Ltd distributed various gifts like poem books, grammer books, colouring materials, games like carom board, snake and ladder etc. to the students which was then followed by refreshments and group photographs.

Sapient Employees Celebrated Christmas Day with Manthanites

Children enjoyed the day and were thrilled to learn the significance of celebrating the birth days of higher souls and specifically the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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