Lord Krishna is the embodiment of Karma yoga as HE clearly pronounces the importance of Karma or action in life. Five days long Shri Krishan Katha starting 9th October to 13th October, 2017 was conducted by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan at Pathankot Punjab. This Katha is under the umbrella of Spiritual wing of DJJS, headed and founded by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Preacher Sadhvi Bhagyashri Bharti Ji spoke eloquently on the inspirational life of Lord Krishna.

Seeds of Divine Knowledge Disseminated Amongst the Masses in Shri Krishan Katha at Pathankot, Punjab

The most importance message from Lord krishna’s life was to fulfill one’s duties with complete devotion but detach oneself from the results of the actions. Action is completely under the control of humans but their outcomes are not in anybody’s control. Therefore, there is no need to be anxious for the outcome of one’s actions. Sadhvi Ji said addressing the audience that this may sound like a difficult task to be fully committed to our duties but not be anxious towards the results. However, for a Brahm Gyani (the one who has attained divine knowledge), this is simple and regular practice. The one who does meditation and sumiran daily can accomplish this with ease. Brahm Gyani dwells in the present and not hovers around in past or future, so is able to stay resolute to face any challenges put forth by the present.

Seeds of Divine Knowledge Disseminated Amongst the Masses in Shri Krishan Katha at Pathankot, Punjab

Lord krishna’s preaching also describes the true meaning of Brahm Gyan. In all the chapters of Bhagwat Gita, Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna the meaning and essence of soul realization but Arjuna fails to understand. At last Shri Krishna said that you may not understand these concepts on the basis of theory, you will need to receive practical perception of divinity and realize for yourself. Brahm Gyan is practical experience of divinity within- seeing God. God in the form of light is present in all beings and can be perceived by the technique given by the Sadguru (Perfect Master). Eternal divine music can be heard by the technique and the real name of God present in our breathing can be experienced. The holy nectar can be tasted with the unique technique of Brahma Gyan. True renunciation can be achieved if one keeps Brahma Gyan at the center of life. Sadhvi Ji lucidly recited the verses of Gita and explained that the one who doesn’t get excited at pleasure or upset on loss is truly patient. In order to attain the state of meditation, one needs to practice patience.

Sadhvi Ji further said that thousands of volunteers of all age groups have been blessed with Brahma Gyan by the grace of Sadhguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. These individuals contribute immensely to sewa or selfless service along with fulfilling their worldly chores. This is possible by regular practice of Dhyana and Sumiran which helps them to inculcate the divine qualities of patience and dutifulness within themselves. This helps them conquer their daily struggles with ease and become truthful and righteous. The audience was mesmerized with the divine aura which engulfed the venue of Katha. Every individual had some extra- ordinary take away. The Katha was successful in disseminating seeds of divine knowledge so that every soul can be peaceful.

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